​​​Massage Membership Includes

*A customized One Hour massage session every month 
*Additional massage sessions throughout the month at the Member rate (unlimited)
*Splitting: Unused One Hour membership massage sessions carry over from month

 to month.  Members can split these massages in order to pay for sessions with

 half-hour intervals  (example: 1 ½-hour massage sessions)
*Family Share Plan (Share your Membership with up to two friends and family members)

*Member Referral Program

Additional Specialty
MemberNon-MemberSpecialty Therapies
½ Hour$35$55Thai Massage
1 Hour$65$95Pregnancy Massage
Reiki Healing
1½ Hours$95$130Medical Massage
Deep Tissue
2 Hours$125$175Craniosacral Therapy
Specialty Member Rate:
Fibromyalgia Massage
  $65 /hr   $95 /1.5hrs

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Additional Massage
MemberNon-MemberMassage Therapies
½ Hour$25$45Swedish Massage
1 Hour$50$90Sports Massage
1½ Hours$75$125 Neuromuscular Therapy
Myofascial Therapy
2 Hours$90$170
Member Rate:
$50 /hr   $75 /1.5hrs

Monthly Membership Including Massage: $​65